about us

The band's three members, Zac Gordon, Jariel Henthorn, and Jacob Coughlan, collaborate to bring old-world music to the modern world.  Since the creation of Faire May in 2019 they have played at various venues around West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  Faire May has performed with many other great folk artists: such as Ben-David Warner, Joe Zelek, Crandall Creek, Gallowglass, and Williamson Branch.  They were also featured on a Scythian "Quarenstream" in 2020.  

At a Faire May concert you will hear anything from banjos to bagpipes, jaw harps and beyond.  you will hear and enjoy music from the 15th century all the way until the 1950s and 1960s.  The band loves to play music in the genres of Appalachian, Irish, Scottish, Italian, Bluegrass, Early American, Gospel, European, and a little bit of classic 1950s and 1960s music.  

In addition to our usual concerts, Faire May also specializes in historical music from the 18th, and 19th centuries.  The band is able to accurately demonstrate music from America's past while also authentically portraying garb from the colonial and Victorian Eras.

The band is sure to bring a smile to your face using their traditional style, their professional skills, and their youthful nature!

Jariel Henthorn - Upright bass, bodhran, guitar, piano, vocals

Zac Gordon - Fiddle, mandolin, smallpipes, bouzouki, vocals

Jacob Coughlan - Banjo, Great Highland Bagpipes, penny-whistles, bouzouki, vocals

email: fairemaymusic@gmail.com 

phone: (304)-559-4656